Q & A

TX Firewood Live Oak

Q: How long will it be before my wood is delivered?

A: Once you call generally within 1-2 days. When demand is high you might have to wait longer. You are also welcome to pick up at our location by appointment. We recommend ordering your wood in the summer or early fall to avoid the winter rush.

Q: How much wood do I need for the winter?

A: It all depends on how often and how much wood you burn. Most customers order a half or full truckload. We can always deliver more wood as needed.

What type of wood should I burn in my fireplace?

What type of wood should I burn in my fireplace?

Q: What type of wood should I burn in my fireplace?

A: We recommend only burning seasoned hardwoods such as Oak to help prevent creosote buildup. You should always have your chimney cleaned and inspected professionally on a regular basis each year. What type of wood should I burn in my fireplace? More information can be found here:

Q: Can you deliver the firewood to my house in the Bryan/College Station area?

A: Yes, delivery in the Bryan-College Station area is $60. Stacking is included with delivery within 10 ft from the truck, if the distance is further than 10 ft, please call and let us know beforehand. Please note an additional charge may apply for distances over ten feet. We often make deliveries the same or the next day you order.

Q: Where do you get your firewood from?

A: Our sources vary by type of wood, but most wood comes from our ranch in southeast Texas. All wood is harvested using sustainable practices.

Q: What is the best wood to use for BBQ?

A: Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, and Pecan are all Texas Favorites. More info can be found here:
Aaron Franklin- “How to Select Smoking Woods”

Q: Why choose heating with firewood over electricity or oil?

A: Wood is a renewable energy source and can save the homeowner money. Oak has a wonderful smell and creates a relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy.