Why Texas Firewood

Exceptional Customer Service

Texas Firewood is all about serving our customers. We are located in the heart of the Golden Triangle- in the middle of the Houston, Austin, Dallas corridor. Our goal is that every customer is happy by providing you with outstanding customer service and the best quality of firewood available. We strive to serve you with 5-star customer service and provide the very best wood in Texas. We deliver firewood year-round for homeowners, businesses, restaurants, and commercial customers.

We appreciate every customer and look forward to serving you for a lifetime.


“Great customer service and great product. I bought some live oak from these guys for bbq wood and I really enjoy the live oak that I purchased. It’s a little heavier and denser than the post oak I’ve been using. Burns longer than the post oak as well. Top-notch business and customer service. I’ll definitely be buying from these guys again”.

-Paul McBride


“Picked up a quarter truckload of seasoned oak yesterday for a barbecue today. I was extremely happy with the quality of the wood and the brisket turned out delicious. I will definitely be back for wood in the future”.

-Ryan Terry


“Good wood – seasoned, split & stacked – burns hot. We’ve ordered wood from them for the past several years are happy with the wood and with the service. Highly recommended. Will definitely order again”.

-Janet Dudding

Seasoned Oak Firewood

What do we offer at Texas Firewood?

A Reputation of high customer satisfaction.

Fast delivery time…usually next-day or within 2 days. No extra charge for stacking…included with delivery.

We load your complete wood order into your vehicle.

Wood is quality and cut to a uniform length.